The Sunrise Forest

This forest was said to have the best spot to see the sun rising from the summit of Mount Semeru to begin the morning with exciting stories among the fragrance of the aroma of pine.

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This pine forest has just opened and is not even four years old. His fame is still inferior when compared to the forest in Coban Rondo or Mojosemi Magetan. But what makes this forest attract many visitors’ curiosity is its position which is right on the back of mount Semeru.

Located at an altitude of about 1,100 meters above sea level, this forest is dominated by pine trees. At the height of the dry season, the temperature can reach 14 degrees Celsius. During the rainy season, the average temperature is recorded at 19-24 degrees. Even during the peak of the dry season, visitors can see ice flowers directly like on mount Dieng which had been horrendous some time ago.

This pine forest has an area of about 6 hectares out of 9 hectares which have not yet been developed. Managed by surrounding community groups, this forest can be accessed from the city of Malang for about 81 km. Like pine forests in other regions, this forest is one of the centers of new economic growth for the surrounding community.

Located on a very famous mountain ridge in Hindu mythology as a place where Lord Shiva reside. This forest offers a distinctive scent of pine forests. In the summer season, temperatures can reach 14 degrees Celsius and become the best place to enjoy sunrise in East Java.

Mokshfeast Discover Team

This forest is indeed a fertile agricultural land for the surrounding population. Naturally, considering the mountainous land is indeed relatively more fertile. The mainstay commodities are chili, vegetables and fruits.

Recently, this Pine forest has been designated as one of the forest tourist destinations that will continue to be developed in eastern Malang. The location is quite strategic considering that it is quite close to other popular tourist sites such as Coban Pelangi or the legendary Tumpak Sewu waterfall.

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