The Lost Island

This beach has many names. Starting from the lost beach to the beach of heaven left on Earth. It is still very closed and the only hidden place for Javanese Tiger habitat.

Mokshfeast Discover Team

Visiting this beach is not an easy job. Its reputation as one of the beaches that is still very virgin and rarely touched by humans is a real proof if this place is truly a hidden paradise in South Malang.

From the city of Malang, this beach can be reached around 74 km. Located at the western end of Malang Regency, this beach also keeps mystical stories. Even so, for nature adventurers, this place must be included in their travel list.

In general, the road access to the beach is dominated by dense forests of 6 km. The road is still rocky and narrow. Visitors must have good physical and mental ability to reach this beach. Not infrequently, adventurers spend time camping on this beach to perfect the tiring journey.

This beach is a lost piece of paradise. A calm beaches dressed in beautiful white sand deserve to be a mainstay destination. This unique topography is hidden in trough of the forest, this beach always missed and saves a lot of stories for someone who always misses.

Mokshfeast Discover Team

One thing that is interesting and quite challenging, this beach can only be accessed when sea water is receding or using a boat if you do not want to waste time crossing the ocean. Another challenge, the river that flows beside this beach is another test for adventurers. They of course have to cross this river to reach the closest beach.

Do not stop there, the visitors still have to cross a forest and along the embankment on the edge of the mangrove forest. The total trip must be taken about 45 minutes to the nearest beach.

From here, fatigue and sweat will be paid off after entering the soft beach with waves that are not too big. If you want to camp, visitors must report in advance and obey all restrictions that have been set by the manager. Considering this beach is also a route for Javanese Tigers to find food.

For Mokshfeast Discover Team, this is the most challenging and risky spot. Even so, its beauty cannot be described with anything. This beach is worthy if get a lot of nicknames. If this is the place you want, give the most votes for this place. It could be that this place will become the next Mokshfeast venue.

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