Nearly 500 people tried to merge each other’s egos in renunciation, for two days. Without hesitation joking with the waves of the south coast sea, without shame lined up in line for the restroom to clean themselves and without the tendency to talk to the people who are next to make friends. Until finally love blossomed naturally without any strings attached, making things multiply more beautiful. Even beach sand looks more valuable to be used as object photos than the opportunity to access the internet.

Love is never wrong. How we react to love that sometimes makes problems. When with full awareness, we are able to release the ego, emotions and the burden of the mind to be ourselves, it is all a loving process. Travel to find identity! Until finally loving the Creator becomes more sincere without prejudice, loving the nature in which we live becomes easier by maintaining the best and loving our fellow creatures to be happier with our willingness to share.

Thank you Banyumeneng, for the great love energy that is absorbed perfectly in Mokshfeast “Discover The Hidden Land”. Thank you for learning to be yourself, what it is and is complete without signal limitations. Thank you for the love created in 2017.

Our trip does not stop at Banyumeneng beach. It will still continue in the next learning of love. Let’s the journey continue! See you at Mokshfeast “Mokshadelic Season”!

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