Opening Ceremony

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Opening Ceremony

Alms for the sea (sedekah laut) ceremony is the opening procession of Mokshfeast “Discover The Hidden Land”. It’s begins with bringing rice cone (nasi tumpeng) with side dishes from natural local products, continued with praying together for the grace of God and nature and finished by dissolving a portion of food offerings into the sea, and the rest was eaten together by #mokshapeople until nothing remained. What a blessing we received at that time.

"Sedekah Laut" Ceremony

“Sedekah Laut” or alms for the sea is a gift from human for the sea as a manifestation of a human relationship with the natural environment. Alms for the sea ceremony is a hereditary tradition carried out by the coastal communities of the island of Java, both the southern coast and the northern coast. This activity aims to inherit hereditary culture from ancestors and seek refuge to avoid the distress, as well as a manifestation of gratitude to God Almighty for all the blessings and gifts that have been given through natural riches.

Carrying this culture in Mokshfeast “Discover The Hidden Land” as the opening procession of the event is not just following existing traditions, but also as a form of #mokshapeople‘s interaction and expression in this life. For us, interactions in this life are not only vertically with the Creator or horizontal with fellow human beings, but also with nature. Therefore we want to transmit about Hablum Minallah, Hablum Minannas and Hablum Minal Alam in our way to maintain balance in this our mortal lives.

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