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Exoticism Of Banyumeneng Taste​

Food, one of the important elements in every activity. When Banyumeneng was chosen as the location for Mokshfeast “Discover The Hidden Land” event, we were made to frown to think about this one factor. The menu in the local warungs around the beach only instant food, such as instant noodles, and that means there is nothing special.

We casually stopped by one of the warungs and asked about the availability of food sold by the women, the stall owner, unexpectedly, she offered to cook food for us, and next, what she said really surprised us!!! It turns out that there are many choices of special raw materials to be processed, such as land crabs, octopus and tuna which can be explored as exotic menus. When we asked why not sell seafood as a menu in her shop, it turned out that she did not know what to cook and did not believe in selling it. That answer really struck us.

Chef Seto Dedicate His Culinary Expertise

Like finding a diamond that hasn’t been rubbed. We immediately contacted several friends who work as chefs. We convey our vision and mission because we have to polish this sector. The existence of exceptional food ingredients and the mentality of local residents who must dare to present extraordinary food menus.

It turned out that it did not take long, chef Seto dedicated his culinary expertise to Banyumeneng residents. In just three weeks, chef Seto managed to change the mindset of the citizens to be confident in processing food ingredients and dared to sell them. It is proven that the food menu from processed octopus is always sold out.

Our hope after Mokshfeast “Discover The Hidden Land” passed, local warungs in Banyumeneng still present these menus as their exotic menu.

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