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Trekking Activities

There were several outdoor activities that facilitated during the Mokshfeast “Discover The Hidden Land” event. Trekking is one of the exciting activities in Mokshfeast “Discover The Hidden Land”. Explore the beauty of nature through a path that varies from forest to beach with a level of elevation that is quite sweaty.

Water And Yoga Activities

Another activities is water activities, such as snorkeling, kayaking, paddle boards or just swimming, and yoga activities. Water activity is one of the favorites activity for #mokshapeople that wants to release fatigue. Various facilities that available such as snorkeling, kayak, and paddle boards have never been quiet. While yoga activities on the shoreline that are carried out at sunrise and sunset, are other choices for #mokshapeople who want to relax or use them to focus on being able to unite with nature.

Text by Robi Navicula (via Instagram)

Sharring Session

Sharing session in Mokshfeast “Discover The Hidden Land” is discussion and brainstorming activities with Wonolestari’s LMDH (Lembaga Masyarakat Desa Hutan) colleagues, on the Banyumeneng beach, as a series of Mokshfeast “Discover The Hidden Land” content on how to manage tourist areas without sacrificing local forest sustainability.

The area of this nature reserve covers an area of approximately 1000 hectares and becomes a natural habitat for a variety of fauna, such as langur, mouse deer, local tiger, various other endemic birds and plants.

Hopefully its preservation can be maintained while providing economic benefits to the surrounding community. Every weekend, the surrounding coastal areas, such as Bale Kambang beach and Ngentup beach, are always crowded with people, very good indeed, it’s just that there needs to be visitor awareness and strict rules from the management of the tourist area that regulates waste, especially plastic waste carried by visitors to this tourist area. If this goes on, surely this beautiful area will be enjoyed by our children and grandchildren in the future.

Selling is easy, but the maintenance is difficult. Greetings, sustainable!

Evening And Night Activities

In the evening, for those who do not like to move in the water, chatting with friends, partners or playing soccer on the beach can be an attractive choice. For singles, a hammock is provided if you prefer to sleep. At night, the activities that occur are more exciting, enjoying drinks and disco until late at night on the beach with musical accompaniment that makes the mind loose.

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