The Dragon Tail Forest

Like a dragon winding, this river in the forest offers an extraordinary exotica. Forests and rivers become compositions of paintings owned by nature that may only be found through paintings.

Mokshfeast Discover Team

Pine is unique. Researchers from Japanese universities in Kyoto have found that walking for at least 15 minutes in pine forests can reduce stress. Even pine essential oil has been used as aromatherapy to calm emotions.

This pine forest is more special because it also has a river that flows below it. Forests and rivers add to the characteristics of this place which may be difficult to find elsewhere.

The pine forest which has an area of almost 4 hectares is located in East Java. The surrounding community uses the river to find fish. While the forest began to be developed into a tourist destination. The topography at an altitude of about 300 meters above sea level makes this pine forest a new magnet for hunters of natural beauty.

Like stories in fairy tales, this forest is inhabited by a large dragon. But of course it’s not really a dragon. The golden river curve when the sun sets is like describing a dragon walking towards to the sun. It’s unique, besides having pine, it’s also has a pretty calm river.

Mokshfeast Discover Team

Visitors can directly see the natural attractions and lives of the fish finders in the river in one perfect package. This rhythm of life was recorded by Mokshfeast Discover Team while visiting this place. In the afternoon, visitors can also see the sunset. The yellowish light of the sun bounced over the calm surface of the river, depicting the curve of a dragon towards dusk.

About access, this place can be visited every day with relatively smooth road conditions. This forest is also surrounded by hills which add to its natural exotica.

Give your support and comments for this place to be the location for Mokshfeast “Mokshadelic Season”and can be one of Indonesia’s proud destinations. You are also free to describe and retell this place in your way even though you may have never visited there and only seen the photos and videos in this article. See you at Mokhsfeast “Mochsadelic Season”! (words by Mokshfeast Discover Team)

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