The Beach Of Love

If you believe in love at the first sight, then when you first time see this beach you will immediately fall in love. This beach has a very unique topography, embraced by a group of natural stones that are very beautiful.

Mokshfeast Discover Team

When viewing the photo or video, you might not believe that this place is in South Malang. Yes, this place is about 60 km from the Malang city downtown. Having a coastline of around 800 meters, this beach was said to be a new icon in the south of Malang.

Despite being among steep rocky hills, this beach is in fact easily accessible. Even the management has prepared several facilities that will support visitors’ travel. One of them is widening access roads and adding other recreational facilities that do not damage the sustainability of the beach.

Love is giving not receiving. If you agree, then this beach has given you a lot of love. Its beauty is undeniable, it’s same with when in love. The beach is as thick as the princess face, the sheen of the blue water, swept by tropical sunlight implies its beautiful, cool, calm eyes.

Mokshfeast Discover Team

According to most visitors, the beach sand is much whiter, softer and cleaner than Kuta beach in Bali. The beach’s lips are dominated by “udang” (shrimp) cypress, ketapang and beans. To add to the impression of being calm and refreshing, beach managers also plant a variety of flower plants that do match the character of the sandy soil.

Like a beautiful princess, this beach will indeed make anyone fall in love. Not to be owned but quite enjoyed. This beach is indeed worthy of being one of the pride destinations of Malang Regency even Indonesia.

Give your support and comments for this place to be the location for Mokshfeast “Mokshadelic Season”and can be one of Indonesia’s proud destinations. You are also free to describe and retell this place in your way even though you may have never visited there and only seen the photos and videos in this article. See you at Mokhsfeast “Mochsadelic Season”! (words by Mokshfeast Discover Team)

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