The Cypress Beach

Thousands of “udang” (shrimps) cypress are characteristic of this beach. Its popularity is indeed not as different as other beaches in South Malang. However, this beach offers enduring natural paintings that can hypnotize every visitor who comes.

Moksha Discover Team

Strolling in the middle of the wilderness of pine forests is a unique experience for the Mokshfeast Discover Team. Moreover, this forest also has a beach that stretches as far as 1.3 km. The expanse of green, blue and white beach sand gives a very beautiful gradation of natural colors.

Before the southern crossing was built, the trip to the beach was truly tiring. Visitors must spend at least two hours on foot to find this beach. However, when the southern crossing line is opened and completed, access to the beach is much easier and safer.

Not many people know, this beach has waves that are quite large and suitable as a surfing spot. Unfortunately, the promotion that is still very minimal makes this beach not much known.

Hundreds of firs danced cheerfully when sea breeze hummed the beach song. In the morning, as shadows parallel to the shore, the golden sand hugged foam of the waves. This has demonstrated the intimacy, a beauty that only can be enjoyed through painting.

Mokshfeast Discover Team

In addition to pine forests and beautiful beaches, this beach is also an estuary for rivers that are on its northern side. This river can be traced by boat and visitors will be presented with mangrove forests that are still very natural along the river flow.

This beach beauty is not finished here. As a beach that is still very natural and preserved in its environment, this beach is often one of the locations for the release of gray turtles. Even in certain seasons, this beach is the location for thousands of turtles to lay their eggs.

This beach is really able to hypnotize every visitor who comes. Because this beach is complete not only offers beautiful beaches but also fauna ecosystems, forests and even exotic rivers inhabited by virgin mangrove vegetation.

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