Why??? That was the first word we often heard when explaining where the location of the Mokshfeast will be held.

“Isn’t there another nice beach in the South Malang area, like Bale Kambang, Tiga Warna, Sendang Biru and many others?”

some of our colleagues

We just smiled in response to some colleagues who on average showed the same response as that.

This beach is located around 66 km from the center of Malang, precisely in Sumberbening village, Bantur sub-district, Malang regency, East Java. This beach is a small paradise that is hiding.

banyu meneng beach

The area of 1000 hectares of nature reserve has become a natural habitat for diverse fauna such as Javan langurs, Javan Leopards, Deer and a variety of endemic birds and plants. Uniquely this location is on the beach, a meeting of two important elements, sea and forest. The beach has very calm waves where the average beach in the southern region of Java is famous for its very ferocious waves.

Apart from all the elements of natural beauty that we cannot deny, there are other factors that make us more and more fall in love to establish this location to be the starting point for a positive movement that we do.

This beach is not yet well known! Banyu Meneng beach is less popular than a number of popular names in southern Malang, also the characteristics of its people and the extraordinary friendly ecotourism group that we never felt while we traveled in this country.

Yeah !!! Banyu Meneng beach is truly a hidden paradise with a composition that fits our purpose to hold Mokshfeast event, it feels like home!

If you ever came to this Banyu Meneng beach, we want to know how you think about this Banyu Menang beach? does it feel like home to you? Below you can write any comment or review about this Banyu Meneng beach!


sl.digital.studio · 1 May 2019 at 12:59

It’s beautiful! Let’s get lost guys!

    gagah prabu amartha · 1 May 2019 at 14:05

    Lets Dance with the wave…

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