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We invite everyone to a new Mokshfeast experience (Mokshadelic Season), encourage them to recognize the nature, understand the culture, celebrate themselves, and discovering a new untold story in their life as #mokshapeople.

Welcome to mokshfeast!

What is Mokshfeast...

Urban art festivals carried out in an open space, which puts forward an environmentally friendly message.

Mokshfeast comes from ancient Sanskrit words. Where “moksha” means enlightenment, release and positive change. And “feast” means celebrations, parties or holidays.

The message of this program is that Mokshfeast interpreted to be a festival of self-enlightenment to more positive direction.


Immerse yourself

We will deliver the authentic taste of Mokshfeast to you with good angle and great moment.

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Let’s ENJOY!

Mokshadelic Atmosphere

We don’t remember the day, but we remember the moment, how the moment is created and with whom we create moments. Mokshfeast tries to always bring epic moments to be felt by every individual, namely #mokshapeople. In Mokshfeast “Mokshadelic Season” we bring a psychedelic experience in collaboration with the authentic experience of Mokshfeast itself so that #mokshapeople can feel epic moment and pleasant experiences. See you in paradise!

mokshadelic season menu

The signature menu


All facilities for many activities to express art, culture and beauty, such like yoga, meditation, body painting, tattoo, hair styling, capoeira, art installation , tarot, massage, slackline, hammock, air bag, etc.


Stairway to happiness. Fire ceremonial will be the opening act for night party that use the "HEAT" element from Mokshfeast combine with psychedelic ambience, mystical and artistic installation.


Mokshfeast aware of the interactions between the environment and behave in ways that care for each of these responsibly. Invite all #mokshapeople to take a part in conservation activity, solve the local problem, get experience and knowledge about conservation.

mokshadelic season menu

Recommended Dishes

Water activity

Water activity can be in river, lake, or sea. It's always good idea to connected with water and make body salty. For that reason we built inflatable playground to accommodate your happiness.

Music Festival

Committed to bring the good musics, focus on quality of music, #mokshapeople will be attack with great sound, ambience, and music experience. From 90's to electronic music performance.

Local ART And Food Signature

We will collaborate with local people to promote authentic local food and beverage also to introduce local culture and art to entertain #mokshapeople so Mokshfeast will be able to add the economic value for local community and generate the local wisdom show.


Limited People


Discover The Untold Story

Be our participant by voting one of this untold place as venue and make Mokshfeast “Mokshadelic Season” unique and vibrant.

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THE Cypress Beach

Hundreds of them will hypnotize

  • Hundreds of firs danced cheerfully when sea breeze hummed the beach song. In the morning, as shadows parallel to the shore, the golden sand hugged foam of the waves. This has demonstrated the intimacy, a beauty that only can be enjoyed through painting.
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The Sunset Forest

where the sun retreats to hide

  • Located on a very famous mountain ridge in Hindu mythology as a place where Lord Shiva reside. This forest offers a distinctive scent of pine forests. In the summer season, temperatures can reach 14 degrees Celsius and become the best place to enjoy sunrise in East Java.
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The Dragon Tail Forest

Like a dragon chases the sun

  • Like stories in fairy tales, this forest is inhabited by a large dragon. But of course it's not really a dragon. The golden river curve when the sun sets is like describing a dragon walking towards to the sun. It's unique, besides having pine, it's also has a pretty calm river.
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THE Beach Of Love


  • Love is giving not receiving. If you agree, then this beach has given you a lot of love. Its beauty is undeniable, it's same with when in love. The beach is as thick as the princess face, the sheen of the blue water, swept by tropical sunlight implies its beautiful, cool, calm eyes.
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The Lost Island

the hiding can be misleadinG

  • This beach is a lost piece of paradise. A calm beaches dressed in beautiful white sand deserve to be a mainstay destination. This unique topography is hidden in trough of the forest, this beach always missed and saves a lot of stories for someone who always misses.